Being a Creative in the Gig Economy with Tom Gearhart

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In this episode Wesley sits down for a conversation with Tom Gearhart, a financial advisor.

Many creatives work as contractors.  Even if you work as a Director of Photography for a major Hollywood blockbuster film, you probably are just a 1099 contractor who is responsible for paying your own taxes AND planning for retirement.

I have definitely had my share struggles of figuring out how to run things financially and plan for retirement.

In this episode we go over some of the financial basics whether you are an employee who has a workplace 401(k) or are self employed and need to think about how you save for retirement.

When you enjoy your job, you may not be able to imagine yourself doing anything else, but the reality is that life and old age has a way of catching up with us.

For everyone who is a contractor, I want to make sure that you are asking yourself the right financial questions.  

My goal with this episode isn’t to make you a financial genius, but merely to make sure that you know enough to ask the right questions and have some tips for finding your own financial advisor.

Even if just one person is able to gain something from this episode, it will be worth it.

In the episode I reference the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

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