How to Tell Narratives that Empower — Grace Kabuye

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In this Episode Wesley sits down for a conversation with Grace Kabuye in Nairobi for a conversation about how Westerners can do a a better job of telling stories that empower people.

We talk about whether Westerners should be telling stories where they are the heroes in the story and how should we balance things?

Her big takeaway is that there needs to be more balance, and we need to be telling stories about local heroes.

But she also puts some of the responsibility back on those living in Africa to tell empowering stories of Africans.

This is where I think that Africa is prime for the next great way of podcasting.

In this episode I do a mini vignette about local security and how I used a local youth leader vs an armed security guard while traveling around Kibera, Nairobi, one of the largest slums in Africa. Local security is really the better way to go.

Then lastly if you do any kind of development work, we talk about the importance of walking alongside the people you are working with, and involving in the narrative of being part of the story and not just a passive recipient who plays a secondary role in the story.

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