Operating in Your Zone of Genius — Collin Belt


In this episode we talk about finding your Zone of Genius. It’s really important to eventually discover what you enjoy and what you are good at.

We talk about the process of sitting down and identifying who are your most amazing clients, and making steps to work with more clients like them.

Collin shares how he had to turn down a client that didn’t jive with his moral compass, even when it would have been a good financial opportunity.

We also explored whether you should hire employees or hire contractors for your creative projects, and part-time vs full-time.

We look at the importance of being able to evaluate people’s style of work and realizing that at times you need to outsource work when you need a different style than what you can offer.

Defining your ideal client is an extremely important step for success when it comes to actually attracting your ideal client.

You can get a hold of Collin at www.beltcreative.com

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