When Should You Avoid Branding? — Nathan Fussner


In this episode we talk about when you should avoid doing branding work. Hint: If you don't really know what your product is or how you solve people's problem, you probably aren’t ready to invest in branding your message yet.

We dive into why it’s important to understand what your problems are before you dive into doing your work.

Design work in general can be very subjective at times, and it’s easy for people to latch on to their personal preferences of what they like or don’t like. And while a lot of times that can be helpful, sometimes that actually is a hindrance to reaching the audience that you're trying to reach.

It’s always good to be able to point back to the bigger goals and objectives that you are trying to accomplish.

When working with those goals it’s important not to just take them at face value for what someone says their goals are, but to take a little bit of time to investigate further, because they may not be telling you their goals up front.

It’s important to take risks and try new things, because even if something doesn’t work out, it will give you more ideas for next time.

If you can spend days basically defining the problem, and then maybe an hour actually implementing it, and you'd be better off than doing it the other way around.

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